Your language?

You want a very special portrait of your pet?




First make some clear photos (if possible by daylight and at eye level, so avoid color shifts and perspective distortions).

The better the photographs, the more detailed the finished portrait.


Therefore, make sure that eyes, special features and fur structure are clearly visible.

With good resolution you can send the pictures via email; original photos you get

back of course.


Select the photos that you particularly like and bring the uniqueness of your

pet best expressed. Based on the photos we we can find out the desired format,

the technique and color of the portrait. Based on these specifications you will

get an individual quotation.



Depending on the agreement between us, you will get a color copy before I

finished the painting; so that last correction requests can also be considered.





Techniques: acrylic painting on canvas, watercolor mixed media, pastel drawing


Formats by arrangement (acrylic painting also on large format canvases)



If you have any additional questions, please call me (without any obligation).